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I lived through the frustration of knowing I could succeed in medical device sales and wasn't given a fair shot to do so until I figured out the secrets into this 6 figure a year sales career that changed my life.  I know the frustration of reaching out to medical device sales recruiters that never call or email you back.

I created this podcast and website to help you learn what it took for me, a history major in college, to break into this 6 figure a year sales career so you too can break the barriers of the traditional 9:00am-5:00pm rat race.

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How To Beat Other Candidates with A Unique 30-60-90 Day Plan


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7 Day Money Back Guarantee - Based on my results with this document and the feedback I have gotten from other applicants using it, I'm so confident that you'll find such exponential value out of this template that I'm issuing you a guarantee.  If you don't believe that you have received at least $1,000 of value from this document in the form of a confidence booster, clarity of direction or moving ahead of other candidates in the search process, email me and I'll send you a refund with no hassles.  

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SMS016 – Set Clear Goals and ABC (Always Be Closing)
We have made it Smart Medical Sales Listeners!  The 5th and final step of the process to get into medical device sales is all about positioning yourself to obtain this career and always be closing for an opportunity.  The final step is where all the things we have discussed thus
SMS015 – How to Connect with Recruiters and Hiring Managers
Establishing relationships with recruiters and hiring managers is essential.  They influence the hiring process, they give you access to career options and provide a rich networking opportunity. In this episode, we'll dive into what you must do to connect with these people and make an explosive impact on your life
SMS014 – How to find the Best Career Opportunities
"It is not what you know… it is who you know that counts." Here are your Three to Thrive Find the PEOPLE behind the career data. Stay current on available opportunities - auto updates and people Use what you know in your own outreach process by creating an action plan Creativity, Consistency
SMS013 – Positioning your Brand to Skyrocket into 6 Figures
Do you know how to position your strengths and x factor? I included a worksheet in my book entitled “Know the Company” that we’ll be using to help create and guide your brand positioning process. You can get a free digital copy by joining the Smart Medical Sales Insiders List.
a picture of medical device sales
SMS012 – Three Ways To Know If A Company Is the Right Fit For You
The other day I was doing a coaching session with a young man looking to get into medical device sales.  He mentioned that his head was spinning with how many companies there were to choose from.  He read through chapter 3 in my Free E-Book and decided he was going
a picture of medical device sales
Values & Strengths – Know What You Stand For
When applying for any job or taking on a new project, it is extremely important for you to be clear about your values and to know what you stand for.  All too often, people follow trends and the opinions of their friends as a means to decide what is best for
a picture of medical device sales
5 Questions To Audit Your Process (Or Lack Thereof)
Today’s goal is simple:  Understand what process and systems you have in place to get into medical device sales.  In order to understand what your next steps are, you have to understand where you stand today.  This is done simply by asking the right questions and writing down your responses.  In
a picture of medical device sales
Your 2 Week Challenge to Improve Adaptability and Success
This two-week exercise will help you develop a habit of adaptability and empathy to help you reach your goals faster. In business, just as in your medical device career search and life, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repetitively and expecting different results. If you like the
4 Medical Device Sales Influencers to Follow
4 Medical Device Sales Pros to Follow There's more than one way to get things done.  Creativity is a value that you must possess to not only get into this industry but also to be successful in it.  That's why I want to introduce you to 4 other resources besides myself
SMS Success Story Interview with Scott Westergren
In this episode of Smart Medical Sales, Scott Westergren shares what it took for him to break into medical device sales with no industry experience.  Will you be the next one to break in?  Tune in and make it happen! Show Notes Knowing and Living Your X Factor Being Persistent

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