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SMS042 – 5 Skills Chiropractors Can Translate to Break into Medical Device Sales
In this episode, we focus on chiropractors wanting to break into the business.  If you are a chiropractor looking into medical device sales, these 5 qualities will help you break in.  Even if you are not a chiropractor and you posses these skills, here are a list of specialties and
SMS041 – How Likability Will Land You a Six Figure Career
If you can’t seem to get into the business, you may want to consider increasing your likability.  While this factor alone won’t get you into the business, it is a multiplier that will help augment your skills and experience to break into the business.  Likability is a multiplier.  Tune in
SMS040 – How to get Operating Room Experience
In this episode, Kevin Haines from New Jersey, one of the listeners gets to hear the answer to a very great question he submitted.  “What can I do to get operating room experience.” Tune into the show so you can learn the steps to get operating room experience. The O.R.
SMS039 – 3 Tips To Get Interviews Faster
In this episode, I walk you through some tips, tricks and share some resources to help you land interviews faster.  While these things will help you, always remember to stick to the basic blocking and tackling daily.  Combine these resources with daily activities and you’ll break into this six figure
SMS038 – 3 Feet From Gold
The majority of people in this world, sadly, give up right before they’re about to succeed.  In this episode, we discuss the story of R.U. Darby, a man that had aspirations achieve wealth and failed just before he had struck it big, 3 feet from gold.  His story can teach
SMS037 – Obamacare vs Trumpcare and what it means for Med Device
It is important to know how the changes in healthcare reform are going to impact the medical device industry.  In this podcast, I cover the basic changes coming and what you should know as you prepare to break into the business.  Source: BBC News “Obamacare v Republican Plan Compared” Individual
SMS036 – Seven Principles to a Six Figure Career
If you are going to get into and succeed in medical device sales, you must believe failure and defeat are temporary experiences, not an end.  You also must believe that you’re always one relationship away from achieving any of your goals, including getting into medical device sales.  I was in
SMS035 – 2017 Medical Sales Salary Report
You won’t want to miss this one.  In this episode, I guide you through Med Reps 7th annual report for medical device sales salaries.  Visit to view the full report for free.  I really like this report because it helps people looking to get into the business understand what
SMS034 – How to break into Med Device from Pharma with Claudia Friedman (Part I)
In this interview with Claudia Friedman, we dive into what specific things she did to break into medical device sales from pharmaceutical sales.  She shares some majorly helpful advice as well as ways to overcoming the typical objections for the transition from pharma to device.  Enjoy!   Claudia's primary motivators for
Land Your six figure Career with Coaching Wisdom
  It is the daily efforts you make that go unnoticed which will help you break into the business.  When you finally break into the business, people will see your results, not the work it took to actually get in.  These behind the scenes efforts are what count.  In today's