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I lived through the frustration of knowing I could succeed in medical device sales and wasn't given a fair shot to do so until I figured out the secrets into this 6 figure a year sales career that changed my life.  I know the frustration of reaching out to medical device sales recruiters that never call or email you back.

I created this podcast and website to help you learn what it took for me, a history major in college, to break into this 6 figure a year sales career so you too can break the barriers of the traditional 9:00am-5:00pm rat race.

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SMS030 – Do I have to be an athlete to break into med device sales?
In this episode, we take some time to answer some guest questions around being an athlete and getting into medical device.  In short, there is a strong desire for med device candidates to have a competitive nature and strength in sales.  While many sports and the military train you to
SMS029 – David J.P. Fisher shares 3 ways to shine on LinkedIn
  In this episode, our guest David JP Fisher will discuss 3 ways to shine on LinkedIn to help you make relationships to break into medical device sales.  He also offers his free 19 ways to immediately supercharge your network below!  Get ready, because in this show we'll be able to
SMS028 – How to Deal with Resume Gaps
In this episode, we dive into the best ways to address gaps in your resume, irrelevant experience, and job hopping.  Understanding what the purpose of your resume truly is will help you craft an irresistible med device sales resume.   What a resume is – a tool used to obtain an
SMS027 – Break outside the Contact Box
I went out to dinner with a friend who is a recruiter at Stryker over the weekend and he inspired the topic for this show.  I want to send a big shoutout to Adam for his thinking and idea which I’ll expand on in this show further.  Many times we
SMS026 – Master your time and break into medical device sales
You’re working your 9-5 while you are hustling to get into medical device sales. Things get busy!  I have seen many people give up in their search because they become overwhelmed by the day to day grind and demands on their time.  Time management is without a doubt, a skill
SMS025 – 3 Ways to Overcome No Sales Experience
Get Sales experience  Change your career and go head first into sales There is a preference for sales experience Doing this will benefit you so you don’t have to learn sales and medical devices at the same time Get a part time contractor sales role as a 1099 Google search
SMS024 – How to be more Persuasive to Get Into Med Device Sales
These are the Aristotelian Appeals you must use during your interviews to break into medical device sales.  This is just the tip of the iceberg on this subject.  If you are intrigued, be sure to set some learning goals to go beyond our 30 minutes together.  Remember, it is not knowledge
SMS023 – You Are Not Alone with Sean Furlong
If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.  -Dali Lama compassion - sympathetic concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. compassio - fellow feeling compati - suffer with com - with  pati - bear/suffer The true meaning of compassion to
Guest Post – Podcast CheatSheet
Hello Smart Medical Sales Community, I just want to share a guest post written by one of our listener friends.  His name is Alberto Velazquez.  He’s a sales professional from Texas currently working to break into the medical device sales industry.  In his quest to get into this business, he
SMS022 – How Ten Ancient Scrolls will get You into Medical Device Sales
There are many tools and resources you can use to break into medical device sales without industry experience.  However, one of the best comes to us from the ancient times.  In Og Mandino's book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, he tells the tale of the greatest salesman of his

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