SMS043 - Pharma into Medical Device Sales: Part II with Claudia Friedman

Show Notes:
Biggest obstacles
  • Lack of experience / OR Experience
  • Not able to appropriately translate your experience to the role you’re after
  • Not knowing anyone in the industry or speciality space
  • Naysayers – overcoming them in the process
    • Negative association of pharma reps vs. B2B.  He didn’t believe a pharma rep had those same qualities.
    • Address biases with concrete examples – Use STAR Method!  Be confident.
Claudia’s Top 3 tips to help others from Pharma Into Device  (in a nut shell)
  • Layoffs in Pharma are real.  Part of a group layoff in Pharma where she was able to perfect her job search and transitions.
  1. Structure your time well!  Improve how you structure your time, review and reflect – search, emails, fitness “count for your time, and make it count”  Use the Panda Planner.  –
  2. Encourage yourself daily with positive reinforcement and expressing gratitude.  Create positivity and confidence.
  3. Stay the course – be persistent and stay agile.
    1. Reading the Challenger Sales Method
    2. Created opportunity to continue the dialogue
Most common objections and how Claudia overcame them
  • Interview objections – how you deal with the interview is very predictive of how you’ll handle objections
  • ACAC – acknowledge, clarify, answer, confirm
  1. What is your perception of what we do?  Your opportunity to shine.  Share what you have learned by reaching out.  Ask for a ride along.  Smash this weed out the question into the ground!  Use the “know the company” form on SMS.
  2. Tell me about how you handle rejection?  “You seem too sweet, I don’t think you could do this job…”  Do you have the thick skin to do this role.  You will need a very specific STAR example to show how you’ve handled rejection.  Make it SOLID.  Ultimately a question about resilience.
  3. How did you take ownership of your goal?  Especially if you’re working in a pod structure, this is a question that you must be able to answer.  Use STAR to demonstrate you have had success and differentiate your contributions as an individual performer.
Closing thoughts and words of advice
  • No doesn’t mean never.
  • Keep communication lines open.
  • Don’t burn bridges.
  • Be sure with each interaction you have, ADD VALUE.  Make it more about them and less about you!!!!!!!!
  • Seize every opportunity to express thanks and appreciation to the people involved in the process. (


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