SMS045 - A Week as a Med Device Sales Rep

In this episode, we walk you through the typical week as a medical device sales rep. I encourage you to think about these activities while you look to strengthen the relevance of your resume.

Territory planning (10%)
Plan for the week
Ordering samples, getting equipment ready for cases
Setting up yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals
Staying focused to ensure you achieve and tweaking consistently to reflect market changes
Time with sales manager and team

Time with Customers (50%)
current customers – providing service and new solutions
clinical, financial
meals with customers – business updates and relationship development
attending procedures: Daily / weekly if in the implantable business
attending procedures: During evaluations, new product introductions, training – capital, consumable, other

Cold Calling new customers (20%)
offices, hospital, O.R.
new customers appointments – sales calls, follow ups

Administrative (20%)
Staying compliant with hospital and FDA regulations – modules, training
Expense reports, sales forecast updates
Quoting, Contracting, pricing alignments
Time with sales manger and team