In this episode, we go through what you should do to position your inside sales skills as an asset to get into an outside medical device sales position.
Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales:  More similar than you think.
  • Need a tough skin and ability to find decision maker is important for both.
  • Overcoming objections is a must to be successful in both.
  • Telling stories and anecdotes is very important for both.
  • A process for getting in the door and achieving your goals – half the battle is getting in the door with the right people, right?  It is true for both!
Elements of B2B sales:  Score the interview to show them you have what it takes.
Professional image.
Reading cues (non-verbal)
Focus on solutions to prospect problems vs. solutions capabilities
Finally, if you want to boost your confidence.Get direct sales experience doing it part time and establish a track record.