SMS051 – Four Ways to Succeed Once You Break Into the Business

In this episode, we dive into a couple things to focus on in the first few months of your medical sales career.  If you just broke into the business, you’ll find this very helpful.  If you have not broken in yet, this will make for a great 30-60-90 material.  Persist until you succeed!
Top Focus Areas 
  1. Reach out to successful sales reps and learn from them
  2. Anatomy + instrumentation
  3. Find your niche strength and lead with it – procedures, programs, technology, contracts
  4. Spend as much time in cases as possible
Key Themes
Establish credibility.
Establish trust.
Leverage your own and your company strengths for quick wins.
Learn best practices from others with previous success.

SMS050 – Sales Assoicate Salary Expectations


 You may be at the point of your search where you’ve decided to start pursuing sales associate roles as a foot in the medical device sales door.  That’s a really smart move!  I call the sales associate role the best MBA program you could ever enroll yourself in!  In this episode, we address one of our Mastermind Group Member’s (Alecia Weeden) question about sales associate salary expectations.  Tune in to learn more!  This may be what helps you take the next step in your six-figure sales career!

SMS049 – Your Inside Sales Skills are an Asset

In this episode, we go through what you should do to position your inside sales skills as an asset to get into an outside medical device sales position.
Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales:  More similar than you think.
  • Need a tough skin and ability to find decision maker is important for both.
  • Overcoming objections is a must to be successful in both.
  • Telling stories and anecdotes is very important for both.
  • A process for getting in the door and achieving your goals – half the battle is getting in the door with the right people, right?  It is true for both!
Elements of B2B sales:  Score the interview to show them you have what it takes.
Professional image.
Reading cues (non-verbal)
Focus on solutions to prospect problems vs. solutions capabilities
Finally, if you want to boost your confidence.Get direct sales experience doing it part time and establish a track record.

SMS048 – Understanding the Annual U.S. Healthcare Spend

In today’s episode, I want to give you a better appreciation for the economics of healthcare and how medical device falls into the economics.  In a nutshell, it is big bucks.  If you take one thing away from this episode, know that you are pursuing the right career for your future.  Check out my notes below.  Persist until you succeed!

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References for my data can be found here and here’s the pdf report

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SMS047 – Harvey Leake and Meshanda Banks from MedReps Share Career Search Advice

Tune into this week’s episode to get some insights from Harvey and Meshanda from

Topics we discuss:

  • Characteristics companies look for in candidates
  • Things to do to succeed in interviews
  • Fitting into the culture
  • Resources to succeed in your career search
  • And much more!

Michael Irvin’s Inspirational Video:  Look up, Get up, Don’t Ever Give Up


Free Med Sales Course – 7-day email video series to help you break into the business

Free E-Book – Be The Best Candidate in Medical Device PDF

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Free Audio Book – Be The Best Candidate in Medical Device Sales!

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SMSMS046 – Get O.R. Experience from your Living Room with Nikita Bernstein, CEO of

Smart medical sales listeners, in this quick episode, I interview Nikita Bernstein, the CEO of (journal of medical insights).  There is some fantastic footage of procedures that you can learn from as you prepare yourself for your next medical device sales position!



SMS045 – A Week as a Med Device Sales Rep

SMS045 - A Week as a Med Device Sales Rep

In this episode, we walk you through the typical week as a medical device sales rep. I encourage you to think about these activities while you look to strengthen the relevance of your resume.

Territory planning (10%)
Plan for the week
Ordering samples, getting equipment ready for cases
Setting up yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals
Staying focused to ensure you achieve and tweaking consistently to reflect market changes
Time with sales manager and team

Time with Customers (50%)
current customers – providing service and new solutions
clinical, financial
meals with customers – business updates and relationship development
attending procedures: Daily / weekly if in the implantable business
attending procedures: During evaluations, new product introductions, training – capital, consumable, other

Cold Calling new customers (20%)
offices, hospital, O.R.
new customers appointments – sales calls, follow ups

Administrative (20%)
Staying compliant with hospital and FDA regulations – modules, training
Expense reports, sales forecast updates
Quoting, Contracting, pricing alignments
Time with sales manger and team