SMS035 – 2017 Medical Sales Salary Report
You won’t want to miss this one.  In this episode, I guide you through Med Reps 7th annual report for medical device sales salaries.  Visit to view the full report for free.  I really like this report because it helps people looking to get into the business understand what the average pay in each specialty of med device sales is.  Take a listen and then check out the full report. I would encourage you to take the information from this report and incorporate it into your medical device sales career search strategy.  You’ll be one step ahead of most candidates by making informed decisions.  Enjoy and please share your thoughts on the episode.  I always invite our listeners to join the conversation and share their thoughts on their search process.  Persist until you succeed! Get the Full Salary Report Here Resources Free Audio Book – Be The Best Candidate
SMS034 – How to break into Med Device from Pharma with Claudia Friedman (Part I)
In this interview with Claudia Friedman, we dive into what specific things she did to break into medical device sales from pharmaceutical sales.  She shares some majorly helpful advice as well as ways to overcoming the typical objections for the transition from pharma to device.  Enjoy!   Claudia's primary motivators for making the move - What are yours?  Whatever they are, make them STRONG so the Pull you toward it. More challenge, deeper and more significant work Conversations more about managed care vs. additional clinical value Be a better resource Challenge and growth Biggest obstacles in the search process - How to Overcome Them “Pharma reps can’t be med device reps” - Overcoming a stereotype of a bad work ethic "Pharma sales is not real sales” You have to differentiate yourself: passion and willingness to grow every step of the way The killer is showing any sort of complacency Adventurous spirit
Land Your six figure Career with Coaching Wisdom
  It is the daily efforts you make that go unnoticed which will help you break into the business.  When you finally break into the business, people will see your results, not the work it took to actually get in.  These behind the scenes efforts are what count.  In today's episode, we'll go over several different playbooks from four sports coaches I admire so you can apply them to your six figure career search.   Coach Bear Bryant -Be proud of what you do each day and ensure that it is aligned with your purpose.   "This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place
SMS032 – Follow Up Is Your Key to Success
    One of the most distinguishing factors in a candidate that gets a career in med device sales vs. one that quits and fails is ... follow-up.  Many people don't follow-up and those that do, only follow up 2-3 times. In this episode, we'll explore the reasons why people don't follow up and what you can do to differentiate yourself and get into your six figure career.   Here are some interesting statistics to help you ramp up your follow-up game.     80% of sales require at least 5 follow-up calls to convert. 44% of sales people give up after just one call.   So why do people not follow-up?  I think there are four key reasons for this.     Fear of failure Ask the opposite question and get the opposite result Fear vs. Faith Don’t know the importance of follow-up to conversion Disorganized  Develop a system
SMS031 – How to Optimize your Search Strategy
Approaching your med device career search in an organized way is essential.  In this episode, we'll be taking a dive into how to optimize your career search strategy so you can break into the business.  As I always remind you, it is not what you listen to but what you do that will move you closer into the business.  So... listen to the episode, set some goals and take action.   Persist until you succeed!   I.  Choose a specialty    - become the expert    - expand within network    - focused activities = success   II.  80/20 rule     - spend 80% on your focus     - spend 20% on general searches   III.  Make a people hot list     - spend time researching the players, leaders in the industry     - record your findings     - create a follow-up column    
SMS030 – Do I have to be an athlete to break into med device sales?
In this episode, we take some time to answer some guest questions around being an athlete and getting into medical device.  In short, there is a strong desire for med device candidates to have a competitive nature and strength in sales.  While many sports and the military train you to be competitive, it is not the only background that med device companies hire from.  So keep your spirits high if that's not you.  If you do have the background in sports, use your competitive edge as a way to sell yourself in the interviews!   Check out our Medical Sales Mastermind Facebook Group Visit our sponsor Med Reps for the best careers in the business! Call Saul and Submit your questions!  
SMS029 – David J.P. Fisher shares 3 ways to shine on LinkedIn
  In this episode, our guest David JP Fisher will discuss 3 ways to shine on LinkedIn to help you make relationships to break into medical device sales.  He also offers his free 19 ways to immediately supercharge your network below!  Get ready, because in this show we'll be able to tap into his experience as a sales expert focused on helping sales people for over 15 years.  Get ready to learn some awesome strategy tweaks and tactics! 3 ways to shine on LinkedIn 1. Know your goals and stay focused 2. Understand your Audience 3. Master your message 4. Professional photo, simple headline (e.g. I help____ with ____) 5. Reach out before you need help and build social capital As we have discussed in previous episodes, David also highlights the importance of knowing and owning your personal brand.   When reaching out to people you don't know, he offers some expert tips:
SMS028 – How to Deal with Resume Gaps
In this episode, we dive into the best ways to address gaps in your resume, irrelevant experience, and job hopping.  Understanding what the purpose of your resume truly is will help you craft an irresistible med device sales resume.   What a resume is – a tool used to obtain an interview What a resume is not – a copy paste document, storyline, dissertation Top 4 takeaway framework for addressing: – be honest – reframe confidently – provide support – be positive   What can I do if I have gaps in my employment? Gaps:  medical leave, laid off unemployed for a while, or other reasons – be honest – reframe     – other activities – volunteering, memberships at a club     – how have you stayed relevant – courses, certifications, internships – support with evidence – be confident, do not apologize for your time off – own it!
SMS027 – Break outside the Contact Box
I went out to dinner with a friend who is a recruiter at Stryker over the weekend and he inspired the topic for this show.  I want to send a big shoutout to Adam for his thinking and idea which I’ll expand on in this show further.  Many times we tend to focus on the specific people that can help us achieve a goal.  In the medical device sales search process, you work so hard to get in touch with and form relationships with recruiters and hiring managers.  Today’s show is about spending time with the people outside of the box to help you break into the business.   Healthcare Providers End user:  Radiologists, Surgeons, Physicians, Nurses etc a. Decision making power, influencers     i.  physician preference products - implantable devices b. Knowledgeable about the competition     i. vet out companies you are considering     ii. give you
SMS026 – Master your time and break into medical device sales
You’re working your 9-5 while you are hustling to get into medical device sales. Things get busy!  I have seen many people give up in their search because they become overwhelmed by the day to day grind and demands on their time.  Time management is without a doubt, a skill you must master in order to get into and succeed in the medical device sales business.  Today, we’re going to cover three basic principles of time management that will help you break in if you master them.   Don’t major in minor things - Determine your result driving priorities and spend at least 80-90% of your time there.   Don’t get caught up in the details, stick to the big picture Stick to what you are great at, outsource the rest Is what I am doing going to lead to my intended results?  Y/N If yes, keep it up! If