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picture of medical device sales apps
Let’s face it.  In sales, you are going to have downtime.  All of us have spent time waiting for a Read more.
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Moving forward, I am going to try something new. My blogs are going to be theme based and designed in Read more.
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You’ve done the hard work, the networking, the follow-up and have landed your first medical device interview.  Getting that first Read more.
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Persistence is power.  Persistence pays. One of the distinguishing qualities of successful salespeople is their ability to persist and overcome Read more.
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The fastest way to get into medical device sales is to establish relationships with people in the industry.  If these Read more.
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recruiters look for these qualities in medical device sales candidates
Recruiters are always looking for specific qualities.  Do you know what those are?  Are you putting the right things on Read more.
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I was at the Beckers health care executives meeting this past week where I got the opportunity to hear from Read more.
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  I have been in Medical Device Sales for the last eight years of my life.  My journey into the Read more.
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I lived through the frustration of knowing I could succeed in medical device sales and wasn't given a fair shot to do so until I figured out the secrets into this 6 figure a year sales career that changed my life forever.  Now, I want to help you get there too!

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