Getting into medical device sales is tough.  It is the process you go through and the character you build that will translate into the skill and ability you need to succeed once you get in.  My guest, John Crowley, is on my show to speak with you about what to do to succeed in medical device sales once you get in.

Many of the things you must do to successfully break into the business are also the things you must do to succeed once you get in.  In this episode, we'll cover:

  • How to be successful by being a value-centered sales rep
  • The importance of learning the Business of Healthcare vs. just selling products
  • Developing and practicing a Fighter Mentality - expect "no" as part of the game
  • Staying away from the "Garbage Disposal"

and so much more... so tune in!


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Recommended books:

Perfect Close - James Muir

Never Split the Difference - Christopher Voss

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  1. Saul- I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Being able to hear John’s perspectives and experiences, along with his advice on achieiving success, truly hit home as I progress in the medical device industry. I also can’t wait to check out the two books John recommended!

    1. Thanks for the comments Scott! I know you’ll put the advice shared into action just like you did to break into the business. Glad to hear you’re doing great!

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