Get Sales experience 

  • Change your career and go head first into sales
  • There is a preference for sales experience
  • Doing this will benefit you so you don’t have to learn sales and medical devices at the same time
  • Get a part time contractor sales role as a 1099
    • Google search for 1099 sales jobs
    • Must be b2b
    • Selling to company needs vs. a person needs
    • Different budgets and budget cycle management
    • Higher dollar figures

Overcome the by drawing a parallel to what you currently do

  • How is what you do selling?
  • Get new people to meet with you
  • Listen and understand to their needs
  • Deliver a solution, follow up
  • Get buy in and get a PO or check $$


Consider Sales Associate and Clinical Roles

  • Sales associate roles are a common step into this business if you lack sales experience or even if you lack medical device sales experience
  • Average salary is about 75K - it paid university 
  • People go and pay 90K for their MBA… get paid to get trained and then break in.  
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  1. Great podcast, Saul!
    With getting into medical device sales being the ideal scenario, at what point in the search process would you gauge going from overcoming objections (i.e., relating your current job experiences), to just going for another B2B position, and even to “settling” (for lack of better word) for an Associate rep position?

    1. Thanks for the comment and great to see you on the blog! 🙂 Great question! It all depends on your level of patience and goals. I would say that you have to be perceptive and get a feel for your current experience. If you current experience lines up well with the device roles you’re applying for, you can stand firm and keep trying. If you continue getting feedback that becomes a theme, I would tell you to gut check that feedback with yourself but also a mentor that can help you vet out the appropriate next steps. I’m a firm believer that the associate role is a great opportunity and often times becomes the low stress training grounds to break into the business. I have seen many associates take the step to sales territory managers that have major success. Hope that helps!

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