You’re working your 9-5 while you are hustling to get into medical device sales.
Things get busy!  I have seen many people give up in their search because they become overwhelmed by the day to day grind and demands on their time.  Time management is without a doubt, a skill you must master in order to get into and succeed in the medical device sales business.  Today, we’re going to cover three basic principles of time management that will help you break in if you master them.
Don’t major in minor things - Determine your result driving priorities and spend at least 80-90% of your time there.  
  • Don’t get caught up in the details, stick to the big picture
  • Stick to what you are great at, outsource the rest
  • Is what I am doing going to lead to my intended results?  Y/N
    • If yes, keep it up!
    • If no, STOP and ask, What must I do to get my intended result?
Own your Agenda, not someone else’s
  • Don’t let email run your life - OPA
    • it is an addiction, don’t let it ruin you
    • set up email checking time through the day
    • create filters if you MUST be on alert for a time sensitive message
  • Don’t answer the phone every time it rings
    • interruptions - INTER - RUPTION - to tear apart your inner plan
    • Don’t be OK with interruptions, you must keep yourself whole.  Integrity.
    • Integrity is about keeping yourself whole by protecting what you stand for and living according to your standards.
  • Schedule your productive activities and honor the times you schedule
    • The key is PRODUCTIVE
    • To do lists KILL PEOPLE, not every item must get done
    • Make your list all about MOVING FORWARD, not just checking boxes
  • Schedule downtime and reward yourself with what you love
    • Take time to do nothing work related
Plan - as much as you need to be effective
  • Books - One Thing (
  • Relationships
  • Honing branding and interview skills
  • Networking




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