SMS027 – Break outside the Contact Box

I went out to dinner with a friend who is a recruiter at Stryker over the weekend and he inspired the topic for this show.  I want to send a big shoutout to Adam for his thinking and idea which I’ll expand on in this show further.  Many times we tend to focus on the specific people that can help us achieve a goal.  In the medical device sales search process, you work so hard to get in touch with and form relationships with recruiters and hiring managers.  Today’s show is about spending time with the people outside of the box to help you break into the business.
Healthcare Providers
End user:  Radiologists, Surgeons, Physicians, Nurses etc
a. Decision making power, influencers
    i.  physician preference products - implantable devices
b. Knowledgeable about the competition
    i. vet out companies you are considering
    ii. give you insights into the industry
Healthcare Support Staff, Nurses, surgical techs, radiology techs, etc.
a. Connectors
    i. point of contact for many sales reps
    ii. point of contact across the hospital to other clinicians
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b. Influencers
    i. feedback to decision makers about who to use, what to use
    ii. feedback to managers and sales reps about considering you
Purchasing / Admin
a. Decision making power
    i. major call point for all companies
    ii. often times the gate keeper, great relationships here are key
b. Great for introductions
    i. just like support staff, they are point of contact across hundreds of companies and clinicians hospital-wide
    ii. befriend them and do some powerhouse networking, be focused for best results
Expand your search and relationship development strategy!  You’ll be able to work your way into opportunities, however, the rest is up to you.  It is imperative that you do what it takes to be on your A game and that you have all your ducks in a row when you get those interviews.  These people can help open the door for you, but it is up to you to stay inside and close the door behind you to break in.
Thank you, please reach out with any questions or comments.  I’m always interested in hearing what topics interest you and what questions you have.  The Smart Medical Sales podcast is built for you, so step up to the plate and reach out to me at

2 Comments on “SMS027 – Break outside the Contact Box

  1. Wow, I really loved this podcast, Saul! It really is a fresh break from the grind of hunting down recruiters, and your firm push at the end to actually get up and take action was powerful as well.
    To me, this podcast seemed to re-assert the idea that getting into this industry is going to take time–because relationships take time. And *genuine* relationships, like the ones you mentioned in this podcast, take even more time. This circles back to the long-term strategic approach you were telling me about where we begin forming these relationships early. We offer value even when we don’t need anything, and allow time for the relationship to bud organically, as opposed to trying to force it and letting the tone of desperation seep through. It’s a more long-term approach, but potentially more powerful because you are starting at the top of the funnel and building a network that will benefit you not only in finding your first position, succeeding there, and even future positions down the line. (And that is, IF you are okay with it taking longer.) That’s what I’m gathering from all this, what do you think?

    And congratulations on partnering up with Med Reps! It’s clear your podcast is growing, and I’m glad it is taking off and people are recognizing you. You deserve it. Have a great week!

    1. Ariel, thanks for your comments! You are very thoughtful and wise in your approach. I especially think your point about investing time in the long term game to build the relationships is what will help you break into the business. You’re taking the right approach and I am thrilled for your development and eventual break into the business.

      Thanks on the comment re: partnership with MedReps. Our goals are very much aligned as organizations and we’re excited to have them on board as our sponsor! All the best!

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