In this episode, we dive into the best ways to address gaps in your resume, irrelevant experience, and job hopping.  Understanding what the purpose of your resume truly is will help you craft an irresistible med device sales resume.
What a resume is – a tool used to obtain an interview
What a resume is not – a copy paste document, storyline, dissertation
Top 4 takeaway framework for addressing:
– be honest
– reframe confidently
– provide support
– be positive
What can I do if I have gaps in my employment?
Gaps:  medical leave, laid off unemployed for a while, or other reasons
– be honest
– reframe
    – other activities – volunteering, memberships at a club
    – how have you stayed relevant – courses, certifications, internships
– support with evidence
– be confident, do not apologize for your time off – own it!
Non-Relevant Experience
You must ask yourself, does every line in my resume support my
– eliminate it
– reframe it
– support
– don’t list all of your jobs – not a requirement as long as you are consistent
    – omit short term positions that don’t meet your goal – what is a resume for?
– combine 2 or more similar positions into one and give it a general title
    – sales rep for x company from 2012-2013 sales rep for company y from 2013-
        2014, can be better stated as sales rep for x industry from 2012-2014
    – you can tell the story in the interview, the resume’s job is to get you the
Conclusion, use the framework of four below and you’ll find that you’ll be able to address gaps and job hopping without a hitch.  The other thing you must know is that it takes work.  When you put in the necessary work, you’ll realize that every single line in your resume will be doing its work for you, rather than just taking up space.  Persist, because if you do, you’ll succeed!
– be honest
– reframe confidently
– provide support
– be positive
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