In this episode, our guest David JP Fisher will discuss 3 ways to shine on LinkedIn to help you make relationships to break into medical device sales.  He also offers his free 19 ways to immediately supercharge your network below!  Get ready, because in this show we'll be able to tap into his experience as a sales expert focused on helping sales people for over 15 years.  Get ready to learn some awesome strategy tweaks and tactics!

3 ways to shine on LinkedIn

1. Know your goals and stay focused

2. Understand your Audience

3. Master your message

4. Professional photo, simple headline (e.g. I help____ with ____)

5. Reach out before you need help and build social capital

As we have discussed in previous episodes, David also highlights the importance of knowing and owning your personal brand.  

When reaching out to people you don't know, he offers some expert tips:

1. Don't use a hammer

2. Lead with a soft approach

3. Always leave them an out

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