In this interview with Claudia Friedman, we dive into what specific things she did to break into medical device sales from pharmaceutical sales.  She shares some majorly helpful advice as well as ways to overcoming the typical objections for the transition from pharma to device.  Enjoy!
Claudia's primary motivators for making the move - What are yours?  Whatever they are, make them STRONG so the Pull you toward it.
  • More challenge, deeper and more significant work
  • Conversations more about managed care vs. additional clinical value
  • Be a better resource
  • Challenge and growth
Biggest obstacles in the search process - How to Overcome Them
  • “Pharma reps can’t be med device reps” - Overcoming a stereotype of a bad work ethic
  • "Pharma sales is not real sales”
  • You have to differentiate yourself: passion and willingness to grow every step of the way
  • The killer is showing any sort of complacency
  • Adventurous spirit and be able to know WHY you want the transition
  • What Claudia Did - Have things in place to respond to the various stereotypes
    • Overcome objections and supplement with real info
    • Peel back the onion of assumption with creating a new perception by telling the story
    • Draw from your experience to overcome selling - maybe it is related to your children or any other area of your life
    • Ensure that you are confident in your response and demonstrate the counteractive skill
    • Have tangible examples and stories
What are some ways you were able to translate your experience
  • If you BELIEVE IT, you can have it
  • Selling gum to selling device - time, money, cost, value
Creating connections - share one tip you used to create connections
  • Reach out on Linkedin - request to connect with a brief 2-3 liner in connection request
  • Follow up conversations were key and they like to share
  • Then start connecting with hiring managers - do some guest work around the hiring managers email
Aha moment in the process
  • Something worth having takes work
  • Persist util you succeed


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