In this episode, Kevin Haines from New Jersey, one of the listeners gets to hear the answer to a very great question he submitted.  “What can I do to get operating room experience.” Tune into the show so you can learn the steps to get operating room experience.

The O.R. is an area of high accountability with many systems and processes.  There are several ways for you to get it done, beyond the physician route.

OR Experience Videos

4 Minute Video:
25 Minute Video:
Other Great Ideas to Gain O.R. Experience:
1.  Learn through conversations with surgeons, surgical techs, radiology techs
2.  Take a trip to Latin America and get the O.R. Experience You’re Looking For
  • Mexico, Costa Rica, Colobmia, Panama are some examples
3.  Find a local chapter of surgeons doing mission work and join them!
4.  Get involved with a local cadaver lab.


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