The purpose of this site is to show you how to overcome the obstacles to get into medical device sales with no industry experience... so you can make a 6 figure income every year. 



Hi, my name is Saul.

I understand the frustration of knowing you can succeed, and not being given a fair shot to do so.  I’m here because I am passionate about helping ambitious sales people overcome the obstacles of getting into the medical device sales industry. I know what it is like to be at a job that is not fulfilling and doesn't pay you fairly for the sales you make and the work you do.  I know the frustration of reaching out to medical device sales recruiters and hiring managers that ask for unrealistic prior experience and never call or email you back.

That is why I am here to help you become a medical device sales candidate that recruiters and hiring managers want to interview, despite not having the industry experience.  You will be able to get your foot in the door of an industry that will add a new level of financial success and personal fulfillment you've been searching for.

Turn helplessness into strategy and focus that will help you increase your income and change your life. It wasn’t long ago that I was working for Cintas Facility Services where I was in charge of my sales territory goals as well as drilling toilet paper dispensers into the walls of the most disgusting places you can imagine.  As I started applying to sales roles in the medical device industry, I got sick and tired of all the canned rejection emails I was getting from the applications I was filling out online and the medical device recruiters I was reaching out to.

Then I discovered a way to get responses back from recruiters, get interviews and finally the job offers to choose from in the medical sales industry!  It wasn't always easy. I ran into problems like getting totally burned out from working full time and spending hours looking for ways to break into the industry.  I experienced a rough few months of burnout that could have been the brick wall that stopped me.

Persist until you succeed and live life on your own terms.  Now I am living the life I always dreamed of living.  I help my customers and patients live pain-free and fulfilled lives every day I wake up to go to work.  I am also earning more money that I ever dreamed of earning when I was a kid in college.  I'm blessed and thankful to have found a way.

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I live in Chicago, right near the lake with my wife, Maki, son Saul and webmaster and maintenance man cat, Chibi.